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Why to build an e-commerce website with Drupal?


E-commerce has entered a new era. The time when e-commerce only meant managing a catalog and organizing a check-out process is over. The merchants' expectations are now much broader. e-commerce is about managing the right combination between 4 key Concepts (the 4 C's): Commerce, Channels, Content and Community.



Drupal7 and Drupal Commerce have been very closely integrated in order to enable the merchants to build their stores while enjoying fully the content and community tools that are very deeply inscribed in Drupal's DNA.


In this session, we will overview use cases, taken in and out of the Drupal world and explain how Drupal Commerce can help the merchants grow their business online. We will also describe why Drupal Commerce has a unique value proposition on the market, and why it is so appealing when compared to the other solutions around.

Session Details
04.05. Friday
Acquia Room
45-50 minutes
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