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Stanford University - Innovation, Plurality and Drupal


This is the story of how Drupal became the CMS of choice at Stanford University, going from a handful of sites in 2006 to hundreds of sites today. Rather than a top-down decision, it was a gradual process that began as a grassroots initiative culminating in central support and development.

The motto of the University is "die luft der freiheit weht" —that sentiment permeates all levels of the organization and its entrepreneurial spirit. The inherent flexibility and power of the Drupal platform, coupled with an ardent in-house developer base, is why Drupal continues to grow at Stanford and across the higher education vertical. This presentation is a detailed account of the steps required to bring Drupal beyond the Tipping Point at Stanford, and the enormous ROI we are witnessing now.

Session Details
04.05. Friday
Acquia Room
45-50 minutes
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