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Find a Cheap And Well-Serviced Way to Visit Beijing


Would you like some professional tours in Beijing? Beijing sightseeing tours give you specific directions about Beijing travel. It has clear theme classifies such as Beijing Great Wall tour, Beijing Forbidden City tour, Beijing Temple of Heaven Tour, Beijing Summer Palace tour, Beijing hutong tour, etc. You will find more tourist routes fit you in tour of Beijing. Besides these usual sightseeing of Beijing, every line has its characteristic different with other routes of tours in Beijing.
    As one of these themed classifies, Summer Palace is the most famous imperial garden in Beijing tours even in China tour. Summer Palace is located in Haidian District and 15km from Beijing downtown. It is covers an area of 290 hectares. The Summer Palace was started to be built in 1750 and opened to public in 1924. Summer Palace is the important witness of Chinese modern history. During your Beijing China tour in Sumer Palace, you will know much Chinese culture and history. Summer Palace is a large natural mountain and water garden which was built according to scenery of Hangzhou West Lake, absorb the artistic conception of gardens in south of Yangtze River and based at Kunming Lake and Wanshou Mountain. Summer Palace collects the traditional landscape architecture art great achievements and borrows the surrounding environment. It not only contains the gorgeous imperial garden momentum, but also is full of natural interests. Summer Palace is the must-see place, no matter in Beijing day trips or <em><strong><a href="">Beijing package tour</a></strong></em>.
    According to your staying time in Beijing, you can choose the reasonable chance to enjoy the grand garden. The reason why I said it is a grand garden is the Longevity Hill and Kunming Lake in summer palace cover 2.97 square kilometers including three fourths water area. There are more than 20 small and large yards, more than hundred architectures and more than 3000 ancient rooms, more than 1600 famous and ancient trees.
    Compared with Summer Palace, there are three other gardens in China, also famous as well as Summer Palace. The four famous gardens, including Emperor Kangxi's Summer Mountain Resort in Chengde, Suzhou the Humble Administrator's garden, Suzhou Garden and Summer Palace, are worthy visit scenic spots in <em><strong><a href="">China tour</a></strong></em> package. During many years, Summer Palace still keeps the cultural conception and makes itself more and more popular in China even world. For tourists in Beijing, they will enjoy the beautiful scenery in Summer Palace, and will never forget it.
    Besides Beijing private tour, if you want to find a cheap but well-serviced way to visit Beijing, Beijing bus tour is ideal choice for travelers who want to find new friends or on economic budget. If you have enough time in Beijing, Beijing vacation package covers most representative attractions of Beijing. After this tour package, you will love the vintage but modern city, maybe you decide to settle down in Beijing. Booking tours you like online is best ways to avoid spending much money and time, and also local Beijing tour operator and China travel agency offer you most unbeatable price and service to tourists. Trust your choice! 

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